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Pradeep Shahi

Pradeep ShahiThe creative force behind S.H.Y. Films, Pradeep has been in the director’s chair for over 5 years. Pradeep’s short films have earned him accolades in the Ireland’s Corona Fastnet Film Festival, USA’s Mohegan Lake Film Festival and UK’s De Le Warr Young Film Festival amongst others. His successful short films landed him as an Assistant Director role in a popular UK television drama Hollyoaks. With the success of his award-winning films and completion of his latest concept projects “Conflict” and “Meliora”, Pradeep has turned his attention to directing his first feature film “GURKHA: BENEATH THE BRAVERY”.

Gerald Davies

Gerald Davies
Gerald Davies served in the Brigade of Gurkhas for 33 years and on retiring served as Curator of the Gurkha Museum for a further 11 years. He now is Chairman of a UK registered charity, Kalaa Jyoti, (Art Enlightenment) which is an art charity for orphans and disadvantaged children in Nepal.

John Pett

John PettAn Emmy award winning director and producer, known for The World at War, The Price of a Record and Omnibus. His career spans over five decades across the globe documenting pivotal events in America, Iraq, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Ukraine and Cuba. In his long outstanding career, his accolades consist of two Emmy awards, 3 Gold Medals from the New York Film and Television Festival for outstanding documentary work. He has also worked as a Head of Film in The University of Winchester and the Northern Media School.